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New work practices, new lifestyle – GT.AIMS

aims-logoDigital nomads, makers, coworkers, slashers (etc.) not only invent new work practices and organizational forms they also create new lifestyle. Hypermobility, remote working, workation, projectification of work and life (etc.) are only some aspects of these lifestyle changes. Based on these evolutions, we have launched in 2017 a thematic group at the AIMS conference dedicated to the study of the co-evolution of these work practices and lifestyle.

This group thematic will be co-organized by Chahrazad Abdallah (HEC UQAM), Emilie Lanciano (Université St Etienne, Philippe Lorino (ESSEC), Jonathan Sambugaro (université St Etienne) and I. Note that this thematic group will be in both French and English language.

These are the subtheme topics for the next 4 years:

2017: From new work practices to new forms of solidarity (nouvelles pratiques de travail aux nouvelles formes de solidarité) – Lyon

2018 : New governance at the age of autonomous and decentralized organization (organisations autonomes et décentralisées et nouvelles formes de gouvernance).

2019 : Creativity: a drive force to work practices evolution. (la créativité : moteur à l’évolution des pratiques de travail).

2020 : Rethink our work to rethink our life: new ways to articulate work and life (repenser son travail pour repenser sa vie : nouvelles formes d’intégration de la vie professionnelle et de la vie privée).

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Doing Process Research – SWG10 EGOS

logo-egosWith “Doing Process Research”, we have developed in 2017 a Standing Working Group dedicated to the empirical and methodological stakes of process studies at the annual EGOS conference (European Group of Organization Studies).

Process studies is an alternative and very fruitful perspective to study organizing, specially the studies of topics such as the emergence of new work and collaboration practices and organizational phenomena among others. As this perspective has much to offer to researchers and practitioners, the aim is to promote and foster empirical studies that reflect the underpinning assumptions of process philosophy, and clarifying the methodological implications of empirical process research.

This Standing Working Group is coordinated by Barbara Simpson, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Dynamics in the Department of Strategy & Organisation at Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow; Viviane Sergy, Professor in Management, Université du Québec in Montréal (UQAM) and I.

These are the subtheme topics for the next 4 years:

2017 – Becoming good: How to study the emergence of practice in organizing. Co-chaired by Anthony Hussenot, Sylvia Gherardi and Caroline Ramsey – CBS, Copenhagen.

2018 – Performativity and process research. Co-chaired by Barbara Simpson, Nancy Hardin and Viviane Sergy, Tallinn, Estonia.

2019 – Approaching power as productive and relational in organizing. Co-Chaired by Anniina Rantakari, Peter Fleming and Anthony Hussenot, Edinburgh.

2020 – Progress and process research.

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