Recherche / Academic papers

A paraître / forthcoming

Hussenot A. (forthcoming). All for one, one for all! From events to organizational dynamics in fluid organization. M@n@gement.

Arena L. & Hussenot A. (forthcoming). From innovations at work to innovative ways of conceptualizing organization: a brief story of organization studies. In N. Mitev, J. Aroles, K. Stephenson, and J. Malaurent. New Ways of Working: Organizations and Organizing in the Digital Age. Palgrave Macmillan.

Hernes T. Hussenot A. & Pulk K. (forthcoming). Time and Temporality of Change Processes. Applying an Event-based View to Integrate Episodic and Continuous Change. In Poole M.S. and Van de Ven A.H. The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Change and Innovation. Oxford University Press.

Hussenot, A. (forthcoming). A modus vivendi between movement and materiality: Henri Bergson and the matter of Organization, Unplugged M@n@gement.

Hussenot A. (forthcoming). Materiality as ingredients of past, present and future events : comprehending the materiality as a temporal phenomenon. In N. Mitev, J. Aroles, K. Stephenson, and J. Malaurent. New Ways of Working: Organizations and Organizing in the Digital Age. Palgrave Macmillan.

Hussenot, A., Bouty, I. & Hernes, T. (forthcoming). Studying organization from the perspective of the ontology of temporality: introducing the events-based approach. In Reinecke, J., Suddaby, R., Langley, A. & Tsoukas, H. (Eds.) About Time: Temporality and History in Organization Studies. Oxford University Press.

Articles et chapitres d’ouvrage / Articles and book chapters

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